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UGC Portfolio

Hi! I'm Julia and I'm an actress and content creator based in LA.  I create engaging content for brands, bringing a fresh and authentic perspective to each project.

As an actress with experience in commercial work, I bring a unique perspective to user-generated content creation.  My ability to adapt to different brands and industries gives me an edge in creating diverse and dynamic UGC.

I'm always up-to-date with the latest social media trends.  I'm also obsessed with makeup, skincare, matcha and food! Scroll down to view my latest work and rates.

Let's collaborate!

Sunset Phoot.HEIC
  • TikTok
  • Instagram


UGC Video Examples

Upbeat Makeup Product:

Home Decor Visual Hook:

Voice Over Beverage Recipe:

Luxury Skincare Unboxing:

Face to face Perfume Demo:

Viral TV Show Rec Tik Tok:

UGC Photo Examples


UGC Photography

3 Photos: Starting at $100

5 Photos: Starting at $140

10 Photos: Starting at $280

UGC Video: Tik Tok/Reel

1 UGC Video: Starting at $150

3 UGC Videos: Starting at $400

5 UGC Videos: Starting at $700


  • Raw footage at 50% of my rate.

  • Posting on my personal socials extra $50 per post.

  • Additional script/voice over.

  • Rush orders under 4 days.

  • Usage Rights. 

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